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I never thought I would welcome a monthly cycle. Thank you so much for the acupuncture services you provide. You have truly been a blessing to me. I have gone from having cycles from hell to a tolerant monthly experience. You see since I was 13, I have always had a cycle which lasted 7 to 10 days of heavy bleeding. Even with medication I have found my cycles to maintain the same pattern with uncomfortable cramping. At 39 I always assumed other women experienced the same thing. Until a couple of years ago to my broken heart I found out this was not the norm. I came to Jeff for help with reducing the growth of a uterine fibroid and insomnia. In the process Jeff has been a dream. My bleeding has been reduced on average from 4 to 5 days with minimum bleeding. I now experience no cramping and little to no heavy bleeding. I can’t believe the changes in the last 4 months. I never thought I would welcome anyone with needles armed in hand. Needless to say I sleep like a rock. Jeff, thank you for your services. You have been a welcome treasure chest to me. Keep up the good work.



I have been seeing Jeff for several months now–I originally started going for the treatment of Migraine Headaches; however, I learned that accupuncture and herbal treatment is wonderful for women’s health–specifically menstrual cycles. I have been plaqued with horrible periods all of my life and I had come to accept that as my reality but for the last several months it has been amazing—my periods come and go and I barely notice them. This has been a great treatment for me personally and I highly recommend Jeff, especially to women having difficulty with their health.




As a matter of personality and professional training as a lawyer, I attempt to keep an open mind about ultimate issues including the effectiveness or not of medical treatment which is provided until all the facts have been developed. So when a medical professional whom I was seeing suggested I go to an acupuncturist for the first time in my life, I was open to try this form of medical treatment but had no real expectation about whether it was going to be effective or not. At the outset of my treatment by Jeff Shelton I was sure of one thing, the injury I had sustained in my back was deep and the related pain was significant. I feared I’d never be able to run or fully engage in many of the other physical activities I had participated in and enjoyed over the years and have chronic pain as well. I am happy to report that I experienced considerable improvement in my physical condition during and after the first treatment Mr. Shelton performed. Now, after a month and a half the pain and injury seem to be almost fully resolved. I expect to start back soon exercising just as I have always. Throughout my treatment, Mr. Shelton has been everything you hope to find in a professional. He has demonstrated considerable knowledge and skill. Of equal importance Mr. Shelton demonstrates kindness and seems to care a great deal about those he treats and the results he obtains for them. You always feel that he is being honest and realistic in his assessment of how his treatment can help you . Based on my experience, I recommend Jeff Shelton and his work without qualification.




I am a fifty-three year old female who completed Jeff Shelton’s “facial rejuvenation acupuncture” treatment program and want to let you know what remarkable results I have seen from this treatment. For some years my face looked dull in color, tired and older than my age. I decided to try acupuncture even though I wondered if it could really work for someone my age. Jeff let me know that most patients see noticeable changes after about six treatments of the programs 12 treatments and I was prepared not to expect immediate results. So, I was happy to see that, with one treatment, my facial color changed, becoming livelier and brighter. From that point on my face continued to improve and, as predicted, I was able to see a more dramatic difference after the halfway point, at which time I felt that I looked five years younger. After that I could continue to see improvement with each treatment. The results that I have experienced are that my facial color remains much more lively and wrinkles around my face have become less noticeable, including those around my eyes, on my forehead, the naso-labial area, and between my eyebrows. Three-fourths of the way through the treatments the jowls along my jawline began to tighten and continued to do so with each successive treatment, something I never expected possible. Friends and acquaintances noticed these changes even though they didn’t know I was getting the treatments, often mentioning how rested and good I was looking. People who knew I was having the facial acupuncture treatments admitted that they saw changes even though they weren’t necessarily expecting to do so. I am very happy with the “facial rejuvenation acupuncture” treatments that I received from Jeff. I found him a very professional and supportive practitioner and would recommend him to anyone seeking acupuncture. Thank you, Jeff.

Patricia D.



I have been a runner for thirty plus years and it has always been my way of staying in shape and staying healthy. For most of that time, I had a minor problem. I would have to use the bathroom in the middle of a run every once in a while (and I am not talking about number one by the way) but it didn’t happen often and I always chose a running route with some available woods, just in case. As I have gotten older, the problem has gotten much, much worse so that after multiple disgusting accidents, I became afraid to run or even walk any distance. I hate the gym and after giving that a try I just stopped working out. In case you are wondering, the same thing happened at the gym if I run on a treadmill—its just easier to address there. The problem manifested in everyday life as well but it was controllable as long as I was careful. So over the next couple of years my blood pressure went up, my cholesterol went up, I felt like crap—no pun intended—I gained weight, I started getting arthritis in my back, herniated a disc, just to name a few. And I just felt old and decrepit. About a year ago, it finally dawned on me that there was probably something I could do about this debilitating problem. I started with a gastroenterologist—who did all kinds of tests on me. She thought there might be a muscular issue that she could fix with an operation. Well—no such luck. In the end, she couldn’t find anything really wrong other than slightly weak muscle control so she sent me to physical therapy and I did exercises and exercises. After several months, I noticed no difference whatsoever. I didn’t even think about trying to walk or run. Then, the physical therapist suggested acupuncture, which was a totally new thing to me. I had always been curious about it but never felt I had an ailment that could be addressed with acupuncture. Surely it never dawned on me to try it for my then current problem. She gave me Jeff Shelton’s contact information and I called for an appointment immediately. Jeff had me come to his office for acupuncture three times a week for a while and gave me Chinese medicine as well. It was a huge time and financial commitment. Early on, however, I felt . . . something changing. Also, I just felt good, started eating mostly vegetables, my skin looked clear and healthy and I had lots of energy. Well—long story short–IT WORKED. Over the next few months, I experienced a fundamental change in my body. So much so that I was ready to try walking. I live about two miles from where I work so I started by walking to work. Then I started running my old four mile running route. I just made an appointment with my primary care physician to get off all the blood pressure and cholesterol medicine I’ve been taking. I am absolutely amazed at the power of this ancient medicine and intend to keep doing it regularly for the rest of my life. Not necessarily for the problem I discussed above but for simple well being.

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My husband and I had tried to conceive without success. Upon further investigation, I was diagnosed with PCOS and was looking for an alternative to Clomid therapy which my doctor recommended. A friend told me about an acupuncturist that she had seen for headaches, so I thought I’d give him a try. Little did I know, Jeff was trained as a fertility specialist and so we began our journey. I had appointments once or twice a week with Jeff as well as followed the prescribed regimen of making and drinking the tea that Jeff specially formulated from Chinese herbs. My husband was very supportive and went to see Jeff a few times as well, also following the tea drinking regimen. Six months after our first appointment Jeff accompanied us to a fertility specialist where I was inseminated. Jeff gave me a treatment immediately after the insemination at the doctor’s office and I went for another treatment the following day. The combination of one round of Clomid therapy and Jeff’s prescription of treatments and herbs resulted in my healthy pregnancy. I carried twin girls to 37 weeks who they were born healthy and happy. To this day, not a week goes by that we don’t thank Jeff for making this happen for us! Our fertility specialist was amazed at my results, saying that our case was incredible. We think it has everything to do with Jeff and acupuncture!


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