About Highland Acupuncture

What we do & how.
Jeff Shelton is nationally board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (NCCAOM). Jeff has been practicing Chinese Medicine in Atlanta since 2006. As well as having his own private practice, Jeff has given acupuncture treatments in both traditional and nontraditional settings, such as backstage of the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta’s top fertility clinics, and crossing the Panama Canal.

Jeff believes that Western and Eastern Medicine are not mutually exclusive.  He works with patients who incorporate physical therapy, reproductive endocrinology, and general western medicine as part of their health regimen. He has seen the “hybrid power” of combining western and eastern medicine.

To best suit the individual needs of his patients, Jeff uses 2 different styles of acupuncture.  His training, schooling and foundation are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which often combines Chinese herbs with acupuncture.  He also uses a style that uses very few needles and often obtains dramatic results.  This style is known as Balance Method/Dr. Tan style and Master Tung needling. Both of these styles use a holistic approach to minimize discomfort and maximize health benefits.