Understanding Chinese Medicine

Gain more understanding of the benefits of Chinese Medicine.

Understanding Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture utilizes the concept of “needling” locally, distally and remotely to address a problem, while balancing the related internal organs and meridians. TCM needle technique often involves manipulating the needle to stimulate energy (qi ). While most people do not feel insertion of the needle, manipulation of the needle does initiate the sensation of qi, which can be felt as warmth, distention, slight ache or current traveling down the meridian. Some points can be more intense than others. Once the needles are in most patients enter a deep state of relaxation. Some people fall asleep, while others enter a very relaxed dreamlike state.

Highland Acupuncture uses only sterile, thin, disposable needles that are gently inserted to address your symptoms. Because every person is different, each acupuncture treatment is customized to fit your unique health concerns. Jeff Shelton also practices as style of acupuncture called Tung style which very few needles and is the system of choice for the treatment of pain.

Understanding Chinese Herbs

Herbal therapy may play a major role in your treatments. Certain herbs contain natural energetic substances that subtly yet powerfully correct underlying deficiencies or removes obstructions. Chinese Herbal therapy is rarely given as a single herb, but rather as herbal formulas that contain 6 to 12 herbs that work synergistically to correct an imbalance. Your herbal formula will be customized, providing different herbs for your specific needs. Your herbal formula will contain the following herbs:

  1. Herbs that strengthen your system and improve general health
  2. Herbs to correct imbalances
  3. Herbs that are used specifically at improving reproduction function